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An 贝博体彩 Education: Our Learning Spiral Curriculum

贝博体彩 has developed a teaching philosophy to guide and shape its educational programs and practices which is called 学习螺旋. 致力于为知识分子服务, 情感, 物理, and spiritual needs of each student in every phase of her development and by honoring our 任务 to “produce an educated woman who is independent, 道德责任, and prepared to meet the challenges of society with confidence,” 贝博体彩 has translated these philosophical principles into our curriculum, 方法, and programs from our Early Education Center (co-ed 2 years-5 years) all the way through grades kindergarten to twelve. 要了解更多贝博体彩 学习螺旋 educational philosophy of 贝博体彩, click 在这里.


Based on a classical curriculum firmly rooted in the traditions of scholarship and the arts, 贝博体彩’s academic program prioritizes innovation and experimentation. From the Ross Early Education Center to the 上学校, our differentiated approach ensures that students are challenged according to their skill levels and learning styles.



Rigging a sail and measuring wind speed. Working alongside medical professionals in a scientific laboratory. Conducting in-depth research and partnering with local experts to enrich the local community. These are just some of the hands-on learning opportunities open to 贝博体彩 girls.



Creativity is a hallmark of the 贝博体彩 girl and one that inspires and fuels her spirit. 贝博体彩 boasts a strong tradition of nurturing the skill of young artists by offering a comprehensive mix of classes in the fine arts including visual arts, 跳舞, 合唱, 戏剧和音乐.



贝博体彩’s athletic programs are designed to provide each student with a broad range of opportunities to help every girl achieve her potential while building confidence, 友情和精神.



得益于其历史悠久的城市校园, 贝博体彩 is uniquely situated for its students to build meaningful and lasting partnerships within the community. Such relationships offer students enriching experiences and the wide expanse of the Lowcountry as their classroom.



Worldly is one of 贝博体彩’s seven Hallmarks, habits of mind that personify an 贝博体彩 girl. 学生旅行机会, 无论是国际还是国内, 是变化的, perspective-changing experiences that allow girls to gain an awareness and understanding of cultures and issues beyond campus. Trips are led by 贝博体彩 faculty and enhance existing curricula.



贝博体彩 is a K-12 independent school for girls, 和一个男女同校的幼儿园, committed to a talented and diverse student population. We consider for ad任务 students of any race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin.